Chandrababu bad idea

The Siva Rama Krishnan Committee appointed to assess various feasibilities in to the state capital and suggest the best option for AP is not in favour of Andhra Pradesh government’s idea of having a temporary capital in Vijayawada. In their report they have opposed this move of the government citing that unplanned and haphazard development will take place at the temporary capital which will later prove as a fait accompli for the permanent capital.

They draw the example of Uttarakhand which had a temporary capital for the first 10 years of its formation. When Uttarakhand was formed, it was expected that Gairsain is the good choice for the capital and Dehradun would only be a temporary capital. But even after 10 years since Uttarakhand was created, Dehradun continues to be the capital with several unplanned problems like inadequate accommodation, infrastructure and congestion. Now Gairsain almost has no possibility of becoming the capital while Dehradun continues to suffer due to the lack of proper planning. The committee fear the same to happen if temporary capital is setup in Vijayawada. However the committee is in favour of shifting of only those departments which are crucial to carry on the urgent tasks of government.