Sonia Gandhi temple photo Telangana

Ignoring the party interests totally in Seema Andhra and granting Telangana statehood for securing seats in the region did not work at in the favour of Congress Party. After all they are left with 20 MLA seats and 1 MP seat. But it is not all they got, Congress President Sonia Gandhi has now got a temple in Mallial town of Karimnagar district.

Daram Adi Reddy, a former Mandal Parishad president, and the Congress leaders of Mallial have built the temple at mandal crossroads. They reportedly spent a sum of Rs 2.50 lakh in construction of the temple. The statue was made of marble and is brought from Jaipur in Rajasthan. Daram Adi Reddy says Sonia Gandhi is the goddess who granted Telangana statehood and definitely needs a temple.Former Karimnagar MP Ponnam Prabhakar and Jagtial MLA-elect T. Jeevan Reddy inaugurated the temple on Monday.