Telugu Students Car Crash: Details Of Victims & SurvivorsStudents go with big dreams of living their dream life in the US. But unfortunately, not everyone gets to live their dream. In a tragic accident, students from the two Telugu states met with an accident and three out of seven friends died on spot leaving their families devastated.

The accident occurred when a truck and the van the students were traveling in crashed into each other one girl and one boy from Telangana died on spot, while the third was from Andhra Pradesh. While others received serious injuries, one student was injured minimally.

Reports reveal that the deceased were identified as Prem Kumar Reddy of Hyderabad, Sai Narasimha from Rajhmahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh, and Pavani, a native of Warangal.

The unfortunate accident occurred around 5:30 AM IST. The cops who are investigating the case aren’t sure how the crash took place but they are speculating that bad foggy weather might be one of the main reasons.

Sai Narasimha (23) went to the US in August this year to pursue MS. He was a company-recruited engineering graduate from Hindustan Engineering College, Chennai. He later quit the job and enrolled himself at a University in Connecticut to do MS.

Sai had spoken recently to his family members via video call to wish them Diwali. Luckily, Ishwarya of the same village survived this ghastly accident with minor injuries.

While coping with the loss of their dear ones, the parents of the deceased are requesting the governments at the Centre and in the Telugu states to help them in bringing back the bodies to India. While it’s important for the families to get to do the last rites of their children back home, it is a cumbersome process to get the bodies for a funeral out here.