Telugu Student Fighting for Life Sree Likitha Pinnam happens to be a computer science student at Wichita State University in Kansas, US. On the day of her accident, she was traveling with her friends during the night when the accident took place.

The car she was in went out of control and flipped due to sleet on the road near Arkansas. The accident took place on a highway that is 15 minutes away from Bentonville, Arkansas. The car flipped twice, and her head was severely injured, and she was immediately unconscious.

A driver on the road saw Pinnam and her friends, who received minor injuries, and took them to Mercy Hospital in Northwest Arkansas. Pinnam was immediately rushed to the emergency ward, where the doctors diagnosed her with a severe traumatic brain injury that includes diffuse axonal injury, anoxic brain injury, and multiple small bleeds in her brain.

Her condition remains critical, and the doctors are unable to predict her recovery as she hasn’t been responding to the treatment for the past few days. They say it could take months or even years for her to recover. Meanwhile, Likitha Pinnam’s family has raised a fund-raiser.

It is being said that icy conditions across the southern plains in Arkansas were the reason behind the accident.