Telugu States Mood: Only Politics, No CinemaThe most talked about topic amongst Telugu circles is Andhra Pradesh politics now. Almost everyone is invested in what’s happening in the political atmosphere in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan has turned super aggressive in AP and YCP is sweating over the Vizag Garjana aftermath.

Not just that, there is an increasing intensity in the narrative that JanaSena might get back with TDP, leading to a new political trope in Andhra Pradesh.

Every media outlet be it print or digital is extensively covering the political developments in Andhra Pradesh. With things turning extremely interesting, the common public is also talking about the same now.

With the political wave, there is almost no emphasis on the new theatrical outings for Diwali. There’s Ginna, Ori Devuda, Prince, and Sardar up for release on the 21st of October, marking Diwali. With four films releasing, one might expect the public to be interested in them. But that isn’t to be as AP politics are all over the news now.

With a film star, Pawan getting super aggressive, even the hardcore film crowd are peeping into the political space now, taking the concentration away from new Diwali releases.