Telugu States May Be Sitting on 36 New Diamond ZonesResearchers from the department of geophysics of Osmania University have revealed over 36 new areas with the potential for diamonds in Telugu states. This data is obtained by mapping of the diamond bearing regions based on the historical data of 400 years coupled with tectonic and geomorphological studies.

25 new potential areas for diamonds are in the borders of Mahbubnagar Raichur (Telangana-Karnataka) and 15 areas in Nalgonda district. All these areas are in the Krishna river basin. They are available at a depth of 5 Kms.

The diamond zone along the river Krishna begins from west of Raichur and continues till Vijayawada. The Penna basin in Andhra Pradesh is also known to host diamonds. It will take about a year to complete the study and report the complete findings to the government.