Before the bifurcation, it was feared that Andhra Pradesh will fall apart in the income by losing out a cash cow like Hyderabad to Telangana. Several businesses relocated to Andhra Pradesh and are paying VAT here and buying capacity is more in the region which is aiding to impressive numbers by AP treasury. Adding to that with the capital announcement, real estate has received a shot in the arm and income through registration has gone up very much. While it is estimated that Andhra Pradesh will get the income of 47% after the state bifurcation, the income is already 50% now.

The united state used to get a monthly income of 4300-4800 Crores. In the month of July, Telangana has got 2592 Crores while AP managed 2248 Crores. In August, AP registered impressive figures of 2142 Crores while Telangana has got 2200 Crores income. One of the officials in AP Finance Ministry confidently said that the income will further escalate in the coming months.