Telugu roots caused a road block for Vijayakanth?DMDK leader Vijayakanth is busy with his party related works in the wake of upcoming Tamil Nadu Elections. His rivals already started attacking him with ammunition of Vijayakanth ancestors has Telugu roots and branding him as outsider.

DMDK cadre is expecting an upcoming film of captain based on the submerged land of Tamil Nadu in 10,000 BC to release before elections to silent the rumours. The film is set in background of Lemuria continent which according to Tamil history is an ancient Tamil people land that submerged under the Indian Ocean around 12,000 years ago. In this movie, captain can be seen in crucial role and his son is debuting as Marine scientist who explores the extinct continent called Kumari Kandam.

Due to subject, it requires lot of budget and some key financiers walked out of the project resulting in stalling of project.