Telugu Reality show for Start-ups?Coming soon is ‘Startups UnLimiteD’, a Telugu reality show which will provide a forum for people with innovative business idea or product, but unaware how to take it forward. It will have the aspiring an access to the guidance that is very much relevant and coming from those in the know.

The show makers say, the participants of the show may even have the much-needed funding as well as mentors. Though they do not promise spot funding, but are confident that the ideas will catch the fancy of venture capitalists. 3000 aspiring entrepreneurs from both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will be participating in this show.

The show will go on air from May 8 on TV5 News. It has The National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises as knowledge partner and T-Hub as incubation partner are part of the show. The makers are planning to complete the shooting of the first 26 episodes in the next month.