Y Sujana - Chowdary - Vijayasai ReddyThe Polling for Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman is set to be held on 9th August. The opposition is keen on a contest in this election since the ruling party has no majority in the Upper House. The votes of the Regional Parties are expected to be crucial in this elections.

The Ruling NDA is likely to field Senior JD(U) Leader, Harivansh Singh from Bihar as its candidate. This is because TRS has informed the Saffron Party that it cannot vote it the candidate belongs to BJP given that elections are approaching.

It is already clear that both the parties are moving forward with an understanding but TRS is not ready for a Pre-Poll alliance given the fact it will hurt their chances with the minorities. JD(U) will approach TRS for support and the latter will extend it under the garb that the candidate is not from BJP.

YSR Congress wants to erase its Pro-BJP mark with this election and announced that it will not support NDA candidate. TDP on the other side will obviously oppose the NDA Candidate and that is very much expected after the recent fallout between both the parties.