MS Student Severely InjuredRavi, a student of Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, Kentucky, met with a tragic car accident on US Highway 183, though he was a pillion rider on the bike. He was hit from behind and fled from the scene leaving Ravi severely injured. Click here to help Ravi.

He was rushed to emergency care at St Davids, Roundrock. The doctors diagnosed there was internal bleeding in his spleen and he was on a ventilator for a few days. He got several stitches on his head on his left side and also has internal bleeding in his brain. He severely injured his left eye and is still taking treatment for it.

Though he is now in stable condition, the doctors are not sure as to when he will be discharged from the hospital due to the severity of his injuries and the surgeries he underwent. He will need several months of recovery.

His brother Rajesh Gurrala has raised a fundraiser as his family needs financial assistance to support his expensive treatment. Click here to help Ravi.