Telugu Mother and Son Murdered at home in the USTwo more added to the list of the tragic killing of Indian-origin people in the USA. An Indian female who was working as a software techie and her 7-year-old son were killed in their home in New Jersey. The death was first witnessed by the techie’s husband who is also a software techie working in New Jersey when he returned home after work.

It has been reported that Sasikala works from home and had picked their son from school at 4 PM on Thursday. Later when Hanumantha Rao, her husband returned from work, he found his family lying lifeless. Sources say that the two were strangled to death with a slit on their throat.

Though the murder was not confirmed as a hate crime, there is also no report on “who and why” on the murder yet. Hanumantha Rao and family are from Andhra Pradesh, Prakasam district and have been living in the US for nine years. There are multiple versions circulating in media on the suspicious killings along with hate crime. Sasikala’s mother in India alleges that Hanumantha Rao is having an extra marital affair which caused this. On the other side initial reports from the US confirm that it is not a hate crime, hopefully, the truth will be out soon.