Telugu-Media-Channel-Airs-Blue-Film!Hyderabad Telugu viewing audiences were in for a shock when a channel aired nude videos for a good 15 minutes a few days back. The channel, which is run from Banjara Hills Rd No 12, has maintained that the streaming happened without its knowledge.

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The viewers were watching some show on the channel at the time when a blue film with morphed Tik Tok videos came up on the screens, and the audiences were literally embarrassed, shocked, and angry at the same time.

Many viewers called up the channel, and the channel immediately stopped the live telecast. In fact, the channel later complained to the Banjara Hills police that their channel was hacked.

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Meanwhile, in another incident at Bihar railway station, a similar incident took place. During television transmissions, suddenly, nude videos appeared on screen, leaving the audience uneasy and embarrassed. The railway authorities immediately took action, and the telecast was stalled.

However, the damage was already done as the video was shot on mobiles by some, and it has gone viral. But the railways had to take scathing criticism for the incident.

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