Telugu Man Arrested About 46 men were arrested including some community leaders in hotels in Frisco and Southlake as part of a multi-agency sting operation.

According to the federal authorities, the men included a volunteer firefighter, youth pastor, high school teacher and coach, semi-professional hockey player, and director of operations of a large hospital network in North Texas.

The police released mugshots of 23 men so far. Out of them, one can see the names of one Telugu man Akula Vijay Krishna Murthy, 41, and one Ronak Patel, 36.

The arrests were made at Hyatt Regency near the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco and the Hilton Dallas in the Southlake Town Square. The accused made online arrangements for clients to meet for sex at hotels in exchange for money.

However, Frisco officers made it clear that no underage sex trafficking happened, contrary to rumors. However, the law agencies haven’t released the names of all 46 men involved.

Incidentally, the undercover operations coincide with Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign to highlight Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Those trapped are used as commodities and are used to make as much money as quickly as possible.