Ex-Equifax-Employee-Data-BreachA consumer credit reporting agency in the USA suffered huge data breach caused by a Telugu software engineer this year. The engineer who has been an employee of Equifax since 2003. The firm terminated Sudhakar Reddy Bonthu toward the fraud that affected 145.5 Million people and has filed a criminal case with Securities and Exchange Commission filed.

Sudhakar Reddy illegally used the confidential information that he got access to while creating a website for the consumers who are now the victims of the immense data breach. The Georgia resident Sudhakar Reddy profited $75,000 with this fraud where he earned 3,500 percent on his investment in the stock using the pirated information.

The engineer now has been charged with insider trading by Securities and Exchange Commission. As the officials say, Sudhakar Reddy has agreed to return what he earned via the fraud including the interest. The court is yet to take a call on the super huge intellectual fraud case.