Jagan_RGV_MoviesCharacter artist Prudhvi Raj who was with YSRCP earlier is saying that he is now with the Jana Sena party. While talking to a YouTube channel, Prudhvi Raj was firm that any films made to show either TDP or Jana Sena in a bad light will only harm YS Jagan’s image and help TDP and Jana Sena get more votes.

When the interviewer asked him about Ram Gopal Varma’s decision to make another film to project TDP, Jana Sena in a bad light, Prudhvi Raj expressed his opinion that both TDP and Jana Sena can get the entire film industry to act in a film targeting YSRCP and Jagan.

Prudhvi said. “Don’t they have directors like Raghavendra Rao and all actors belonging to the Kamma community who would willingly do it? In fact, it is their party who have to bring in outside actors like Mukesh Rishi.”

“TDP won’t resort to such cheap gimmicks of making propaganda-driven films. Character assassination is not their style,” he said.

The interviewer pointed out that RGV had made Ammarajyam lo Kadapa Redlu followed by Lakshmi’s NTR and he is now planning another film Vyuham. To this, Prudhvi Raj said that nowadays no one watches Ram Gopal Varma movies. He categorically says in the interview that people know the facts and added that such YSRCP-backed movies are meant only for YCP MLAs who watch them in their homes.