Tanvi Marupally MissingTanvi Marupally, daughter of Pavan Rao Marupally and Sridevi Eadara, has been missing for 14 days now, and the concerned mother and father are anxiously searching for her and awaiting her return in Arkansas. The local Conway police and community are involved in the search, though Tanvi’s whereabouts aren’t known as yet.

The family has been in distress as Pavan Rao is likely to lose his job, which is vital to keeping the family in the U.S. If he loses his job, he and his family would have to return to India within 10 days, and this was the reason that Tanvi was under stress as she did not want to leave the country she lived in so far.

Pavan Rao said he was trying to calm her down by taking her to various national parks, and her favourite was Petit Jean State Park. Tanvi’s parents are hoping she might have gone there after walking past her school bus on the day she disappeared. Tanvi did not wear her smartwatch, and neither was she carrying her phone, making it difficult to find her.

Her father revealed that she would earlier go into the woods and return the next day, and the family of three was used to it. However, this time, it has been 14 days, and the parents are obviously quite disturbed and want to know about her well-being.