Telugu Desam Volunteers On The WayVolunteers have become a big strength to YSR Congress in elections. They manage fifty households and keep track of all the welfare schemes they get. They are also known for influencing the voters to vote for YSR Congress. There are instances of volunteers threatening the voters of not getting welfare schemes if they do not vote for YSRCP.

Telugu Desam Party has started exercises to neutralize the system. The party is planning to appoint Seva Mitras for every 100 households. These Seva Mitras are the young and loyal cadre of TDP and will educate the people about the failures of the Jagan Government and convince them to vote for TDP.

They will also give ground-level reports about the performance of the party, constituency incharges, and local leaders. “If the system is proven effective, they will be appointed as Volunteers after coming to power in 2024,” Chandrababu Naidu told the party leaders in Kuppam. The leaders of all the constituencies are instructed to start identifying youth for these roles.

But then, the big difference would be that they have to work without remuneration and against the Government and Ruling Party machinery. Chandrababu Naidu, however, thinks this is the right way to neutralize the impact of Volunteers on the voters.