Telugu_Desam_Party_and_Prashant_KishorPrashant Kishor‘s I-PAC recently opened an office for YSR Congress’s 2024 campaign and started recruiting. They also started working on the social media campaigns and on ground surveys as well.

I-PAC is trying to push a strong propaganda into the public to create fear and uncertainty among the TDP rank and file.

There is a huge influx of media articles and programs about the possible CBI and ED raids on TDP leaders in the coming days.

This propaganda has become intense after the ED raids on JC Brothers a few days ago. Also, YSR Congress has extended unconditional support to the BJP candidate, Draupadi Murmu in the upcoming Presidential elections.

The media articles and programs are trying to instill fear psychosis among the party cadre and the leaders. Cadre is innocently buying the propaganda and spreading it.

TDP is in Opposition for more than three years now and it is a joke that the leaders will be targeted by ED and CBI now and they will have anything to fear about.

TDP should let go the thoughts about overimagining the BJP’s reach. 2024 elections are only going to be Chandrababu’s experience and Jagan’s ruling which resulted nothing but debts to Andhra Pradesh.

It’s better TDP keep the narrative that way and not to care about the propaganda peddled by I-PAC. If not the party is walking straight into the trap.