TV personality GangavvaThe Telugu media has started manipulatory propaganda as AP heads for elections in under a year from now.

Now, Vanitha TV, an extension of NTV has stooped to the lowest of lows by using famous TV personality Gangavva to spread a narrative against Chandrababu.

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In a recent program on Vanitha TV, Gangavva is seen saying Chandrababu has caught Chandragrahanam and there’s nothing but Shani in his future. She says Jagan is a good man and he has a bright future.

The program is clearly aimed at favouring Jagan and hitting CBN below the belt.

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Now, the Telugu channel has been exposed for their paid propaganda against Chandrababu. Gangavva is seen in a new video through which she apologises.

“I didn’t want to say that. The channel members forced me into saying it. Why would I hold anything against Chandrababu garu? I was forced to speak that way. Please forgive me,” Gangavva says as she turns emotional and almost cried towards the end, which shows the sincerity in her apology.

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Now, NTV has come under the pump for doing a fake propaganda against Chandrababu. They’re being tipped as Jagan’s mouthpiece and are being called out for getting an innocent person like Gangavva involved in their cheap tactics.

TDP troops are calling this I-PAC team’s false narrative in the build up for AP elections. This is another one of their cheap plans, commoners say.