Nara Lokesh Questions YS JaganSocial media campaigns have turned out to be a decisive force for political parties and mastering the same is of utmost importance for top brass politicians. Well, Nara Lokesh appears to be well on course to mould himself with a strong social media presence.

Lokesh has been targeting the Jagan-led AP government on public issues and using social media to voice his concerns. Now, he has called out Jagan on the lack of employment opportunities in Andhra Pradesh.

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“When the YCP came to power, the biggest losers were the youth. Andhra Pradesh, which used to be the job capital of India when TDP was in power, has now become the ganja capital. This youth movement is a platform for the struggling youth against anarchic rule and corrupt government.” Lokesh stated.

Lokesh went on to challenge Jagan and Co. to at least point out a single industry they bought to Andhra Pradesh in the last four years. This is a strong concern amongst the youth and Lokesh has assessed and catapulted the same against Jagan now.

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