Telangana Woman Salma Begum Sold in Saudi, Being Forced to MarryIn another incident of women sold out to the keepers at Saudi Arabia, Salma Begum from Hyderabad was sent to the Saudi by two agents who actually sold her to the kafeel there without the knowledge of herself or her family.

Salma Begum approached the agents to get a job out of her criticality in finances. But the agents sold her to a kafeel where Salma is being tortured physically and mentally. Salma has sent an audio message to her daughter Sameena that she wants to come back to India but the kafeel is not allowing her to go and in addition to that she was being forced to get a contract marriage with her(the kafeel ).

Sameena has lodged a complaint against the two agents at the Kanchanbagh police station yet there was no action taken as she mourns. She appealed to the Central and State government to get her mother back to India.