elangana-Gazetted-OfficersWith the inordinate delay in the allocation of employees by Kamalnathan committee and immense pressure from various employees’ allocations, Telangana government is planning to write to its AP counterpart to relieve about 400 of its employees currently working in the AP secretariat under order to serve basis.

These employees are working in AP secretariat since June. Telangana government is also mulling on relieving about 120 employees of AP working in Telangana. Telangana Employees’ associations are pressurizing the government should be adjusted in the vacancies that exist in Telangana secretariat or through creation of supernumerary posts if required as no Telangana employee is ready to work in the AP secretariat.

However such move will further complicate the employees division between both the states and Center is likely to object it. It will also lead to Telangana secretariat having more employees than required and AP secretariat having less employees to run the show.