Telangana to revolt against Common CapitalTelangana leaders in particular TRS leaders are on a rampage with Center instructing Governor to take control over Hyderabad Law and Order. TRS Mahabubnagar MLA, Srinivas Goud threatened the Center, “We will not agree for Section 8. If at it is imposed, Telangana society will not accept the 10 year common capital. Like in the case of Madras, we will push out Andhra rulers overnight out of Hyderabad.

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Telangana CM, K Chandrasekhar Rao met Governor a short while ago and clarified that his government will not accept Governor’s rule at any cost. He threatened the governor of a big agitation on par with Separate State agitation in case it is imposed. Later he sat for a meeting with available ministers in secretariat and discussed the future plan.

After meeting with KCR, Governor had called GHMC Special Commissioner Somesh Kumar to Raj Bhavan. If Section 8 is imposed, GHMC limits will come under Governor’s surveillance and so this meeting assumed significance. On the other side, T-JAC also arranged an emergency meeting to discuss the latest developments.

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