Telangana to Push for Andhra Pradesh Reorganization AmendmentTRS is planning to push the Center to amend the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act which will fix a time limit for bifurcation of the High Court. The Pink Party is keen on adding a sub-section that the division has to be done by April 2016.

Telangana government feels that since the deadline will be over both Center and AP governments will be pushed to act swiftly in this direction. Recently, Supreme Court also said that there is no clarity on when and how High Court should bifurcated in AP Reorganisation Act in a case,

“When Reorganization Act can be amended to take 7 Mandals of Telangana and add them to AP, why it can not be amended to safeguard the interests of Telangana. This is a denial of the legitimate right of both TS and AP to have their own High Courts,” TRS MP Vinod opines.