Telangana TDP Springs A Big SurpriseIn an interesting turn of events, Telangana TDP has registered a huge addition to their arsenal just ahead of the Manugode by-elections. Ex-MLC, Mudiraj Maha Sabha National President Kasani Gnaneshwar has joined the party. He met with Chandrababu a little while ago and was formally welcomed into the party.

Not so long ago, it was reported that Ganaeswhar would be joining in the TRS upo the intervention of Harish Rao. It was heard that it was about time he joined the KCR-led party.

Now, all of a sudden, Gnaneshwar met with Chandrababu and joined in Telugu Desam Party. This is coming as a massive boost to TDP leaders in Telangana as not many expected a politically sound and a strong BC community leader like Kasani to join the party at this crucial juncture in time.

Many political experts are still scratching their heads about how Kasani ditched TRS and BJP to join TDP. Either way, TDP forces are now elated that Kasani, who hails from the strong Mudiraj community in Telangana has joined their ranks.

TDP ranks now opine that they should’ve fielded a BC candidate in Manugode and this candidature would’ve been strengthened once Kasani Gnaneshwar joined the party.