Telangana takes center-stage in Delhi
The Telangana issue rocked the National capital on the first day of Parliament sessions. The Mouna Deeksha by AP CM Kiran Kumar Reddy had created unrest in AP Bhavan and Jantar Mantar as Telangana and Seema Andhra supporters took turns to showcase their respective region’s feeling.Finally the Mouna Deeksha started and ended peacefully. Things were not different in Parliament either, Seema Andhra MPs stalled the proceedings of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Amid huge confusion, both the houses were adjourned for the day.

Except for a little discussion time on Communal Violence bill in Rajya Sabha, the entire day had gone waste. Looks like similar situation is on cards for almost every day till the session ends on February 21st. It is known that this session is the last Parliament session before the UPA-2 term expires.