KCR Chief minister telangana state pic photo

It is known that the Telangana government is gearing up for a large scale micro level survey of all the 10 districts of Telangana state on 19th August. The survey will 10 sub-sections and details will be sought on 70 parameters including social and economic details, movable and immovable assets etc. Complete information of all the families living in Telangana like personal details of family members, including religion, caste, ration card, bank accounts, marital status to details about Aadhaar, pensions, ownership of houses, whether beneficiary of government housing schemes etc, details about electricity connection, and physically-challenged if any, even diseases and agriculture details including livestock details and movable assets like vehicles, tractors and agri-related machinery, will be collected.

It is said that there is no column regarding the controversial nativity details in this survey and it will be more of a social and economic survey. The details of this survey will be used for the implementation of the welfare schemes in the state. Head of the family had to submit a declaration that the furnished details are true just in case there are discrepancies, his family will be liable to lose the benefits of the welfare schemes.