Telangana_StudentTelangana-based student, Yashwanth Kumar Kante, drowned in Destin Pass, Florida. He was a student at the University of South Florida.

According to reports, Yashwant and five friends engaged a boat in Crab Islands with seven others on Sunday to enjoy the Memorial day weekend. Around 3 pm, they went to the water and anchored the boat at a spot where there were a lot of crowds.

Around 5.35, they took the anchor out and tried to start the boat as they wanted to return it. They observed that the motor, which was supposed to be inside the water, was hanging in the air.

This was when Yashwant and his friend Subodhay went into the water to check, assuming the water was only three feet deep. They didn’t know that the anchor was taken out, so the boat moved from the place with the waves.

The police said that the water at that particular spot was over 25 ft deep, and Yashwant couldn’t swim with the tides.

Subodhay tried hard enough to get him but couldn’t, so four other friends dived into the water with life jackets. The search group couldn’t find him, unfortunately. The police and coast guard soon reached to search Yashwanth. They searched for him until 8.30 pm. According to sources, they were able to find Yashwant’s body only the next morning.

Yashwant Kante’s driver’s license lists his birthplace as Vemulawada, Telangana. He went to Florida, US, for higher education last December.