Telagana_GirL_Heart_Attack_CanadaHeart attacks and strokes have been on alarming high amongst the younger section of the population. Here’s one such sorrowful story of an Indian student who died of heart attack in Canada.

Poojitha Reddy, a native of Malkapur, Nizamabad, Telangana, flew to Canada to pursue PG in Medical Sciences on the 26th of January this year.

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She had been staying with her brother, Arun Reddy at first and then moved to the college hostel. Incidentally, she suffered a heart attack 10 days ago.

Poojitha was rushed to hospital and she was provided with life support. She fought with the condition for 10 days and sadly succumbed to the same.

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The mortal remains were bought to Malkapur on 6 March and this left the natives in a state of deep sorrow. They weren’t expecting a bright young girl from their village who flew to Canada just a couple month ago with great aspirations to return back in such a state.

Poojitha is the daughter of the Co-Sarpanch of Malkapur village, Venkat Reddy. Her family is now mourning the tragic passing.

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