Telangana State Intermediate Students Suicides in International Press MediaIn what can be termed as a very bad press for Telangana State, International Media has been picking up the story of horrific mass suicides of Intermediate Students. These suicides are being blamed for the complete failure of the Board of Intermediate with its faulty evaluation. There is a story in CNN International Edition about the same.

Interestingly, the Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhara Rao is yet to respond on this issue and his son, KTR’s name is figuring in bringing on board Gloaberna, the company now notorious for this horrendous evaluation. Furthermore, the government did not make anyone accountable for this fiasco and no actions whatsoever.

The State Government is cracking the whip on students and parents who are protesting against the Intermediate Board. Already they are in a state of trauma and this will definitely impact their preparation for the competitive exams including EAMCET. Opposition Parties are also being dealt with Iron Fist. Further, TRS leaders are making insenstive comments that these suicides are nothing new and happens everywhere.

KCR seems to be doing a great disservice to the massive mandate given to him by the people recently. Also, the kind of Press Telangana is getting due to this is not something that befits the concept of Bangaru Telangana. If not for a tamed Regional Media, the result would have been even worse back home.