TS Govt's Explanation on Missing Naidu for MahasabhaluTS Govt's Explanation on Missing Naidu for MahasabhaluNot inviting Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for the ongoing World Telugu Conference in Hyderabad is emerging as a huge controversy. Telangana Government sources had given an explanation on the same but it did not sound convincing.

“We planned to invite honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and even made such arrangements. But then dropped the idea due to his Official and Personal trips,” the Government sources informed the media and almost all the media houses carried the explanation today.

But then, Naidu attending the Conference or not is his problem but an invitation should have gone irrespective of that, many opines. Famous Avadhani, Garikapati rejected Telangana’s invitation to attend after Naidu is not invited as he sees that as an insult to the people of AP.