Telangana COVID-19As of July 2nd, Telangana has vaccinated 1.14 Crore COVID-19 vaccine doses. Even though the number appears big, the state has only vaccinated 16.39 Lakhs of its population with both doses. That means not even 10% of its complete population.

There are even scary numbers. The state is releasing Three Lakh vaccine slots for the last two days, but only 1.6 to 1.8 Lakh people are getting vaccinated each day. That is just half of the slots are being utilized. That gives rise to the doubts that vaccine hesitancy may have set in the people already.

It is understandable that a certain percentage of the people will have the hesitancy to take the vaccine but we can think of herd immunity only when 60% of the population is completely vaccinated. The signs of vaccine hesitancy even before 10% of the population is completely vaccinations are really dangerous.

With the virus becoming lethal with more and more variants, vaccination is the only way to get back the Pre-COVID life. The government has to proactively create awareness in the people to ensure they take the vaccine.