Telangana Secretariat Shifting Postponed - High Court PIL Jeevan Reddy Telangana government’s plan to shift the existing offices in Hyderabad Secretariat came to a grinding halt after several roadblocks. The issue landed in court after Telangana Congress Senior MLA Jeevan Reddy’s PIL. Even though, the high court did not issue a stay on the shifting, there is an order not to demolish the existing buildings.

And then Andhra Pradesh government has not given a clarity on giving back the blocks belonging to it to Telangana, which wanted them in its possession before undertaking demolitions as it planned earlier to pave way for a swank administrative center. Buzz is that the government has decided to postpone the shifting by at least two weeks.

The state government is hoping that a clarity will emerge on the court order and also AP government’s view on handing over buildings in this two weeks time. It is known that KCR government has taken up this new secretariat as the current buildings have serious Vaastu defects and also for administration convenience.