Bandi_SanjayTelangana politics are hitting an all-time peak in connection with the war of words between TRS and BJP.

BJP Telangana wing chief Bandi Sanjay has now made sensational comments in the context of Telangana secretariat as he has called to blast down the same.

“BJP will come to power in Telangana in next elections. And once we do, we will blast down the dooms of the current secretariat and build a new one. The new ones will reflect the culture of Telangana.” Bandi said.

The Pragati Bhavan will also be changed into a Praha Darbar. This is like the Nizam rule. We will change everything once the BJP government comes to power in Telangana, Bandi added.

This provocative comments from Bandi on the Telangana government have turned into a hot topic now.

The new Telangana secretariat is one of the flagship projects of the TRS-led Telangana government and the fact that BJP has vowed to blast down the domes of the same are catching the attention.