The Telangana MSOs have thrown a challenge back to the center. Defying the deadline set by Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry, T-MSOs did not resume the broadcast of the banned News Channels, TV9 and ABN-Andhra Jyothy in Telangana State. The Telangana MSOs Association served the ball in to Center’s court saying that they are not ready to telecast those two news channels, which Telangana people do not want to watch.

They further clarified that there is no mutual agreement between them and those two new channels nor the channels are paying any carriage fees to them for airing their channels. Hence, they say the center can not insist them to telecast those two channels. They further challenged the Center to take any action against them which they will fight out in the courts. It is known that the ministry ordered MSOs to restore the channels by Monday or get their licenses cancelled.