telangana-new-districts-bars-wine-shops-increase-revenueTelangana government is not only filling its coffers due to the Real Boom after District Reorganization, the government is also going to get more bucks in the form of Excise Revenue. The number of bars and liquor outlets are also expected to grow as the excise department is considering issuing more bar licenses based on population numbers.

The state is all set to get more than 200 new bars in November alone. Hyderabad alone is going to witness 2000 more bars meaning that the drunk driving menace may increase. The state government is expecting Rs 115 crore in additional revenue through fresh licenses in the state.

And the income from more liquor sales will be addition to that. In an estimate, the income from liquor sales in Telangana this year registered about 120% growth this year which is really big. The state governments over the years are hugely dependent on liquor sales to fill their coffers and to fund their exorbitant welfare schemes.