Vemula Prashanth ReddyIt looks like Hate politics have returned to Telangana politics once again and it is the ruling party minister who kickstarted it. Talking to the media about the projects planned by Andhra Pradesh on Krishna River, Minister Prashanth Reddy made some atrocious comments.

“If injustice happens to Telangana, KCR will not sit idle. All those who are born in Lanka are Rakshasas (Monsters). Andhra People (Andhrollu) will never wish for the good of Telangana. The people of Telangana must prepare for another war,” Prashanth Reddy said.

However, these comments have evoked negative responses from social media. “This is an old tactic. Whenever KCR senses trouble, he tries to take shelter under Andhra – Telangana sentiment. People are no longer gullible to fall for these tactics. This is getting so clear now,” they ridicule.

“We have seen how KCR treated AP CM with hugs and treats when everything is good. Just because there are signs of anti-incumbency, he is trying to consolidate Telangana vote in the name of Andhra People,” they allege.