Telangana State came in to existence almost 3 months ago but the twenty ninth state in the country is yet to get a map. The Survey of India should draw the map and it should be approved by the Union Home Ministry. But before Survey of India begin the work, the Union Home Ministry is yet to send the gazette order. It is said that since seven mandals of Khammam district are added to Andhra Pradesh and the change has to be incorporated in the map. Some other sources say the map is already ready but is yet to get the approval of the Central Government.

However experts say it is important that Telangana has a map as soon as possible since there is a possibility of altercatiion of boundaries. Telangana not only have confusions regarding borders with Andhra Pradesh but also with Maharashtra and Karnataka states. At Present, there are several maps of Telangana doing rounds in Internet but officials say they are just representative maps traced along the boundaries of the state.