Telangana makes Sensational allocation to irrigation Projects!Telangana Finance Minister Eetela Rajendra tabled the state budget for 2016-17. Telangana had allocated a sensational 25000 Crore for Water resources in this budget. Eetela claimed that this is the highest allocation made for the department in history of any state in the country after independence.

Eetala announced that the government is keen to complete the pending projects in the states which were neglected over the years and bring One Crore acres newly in to cultivation. Here are the some of the allocations made to projects in this budget:

1. Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Project – 6286 Crore
2. Seetha Rama Lift Irrigation Project – 1150 Crore
3. Palamuru Lift Irrigation Project – 7861 Crore