KCR Land Acquisition,KCR Land Acquisition Act,KCR Land Acquisition Telangana,KCR Farmers Land Acquisition,KCR Farmers Land Pooling, Land Acquisition Policy2013 Land Acquisition Act is a big dampener for the country as experts back then warned that it would make lives difficult to collect land for Mega Projects. But then parties have supported the bill to appease the farmers before 2014 elections. Modi government attempt to amend the bill failed and several projects got stalled due to this.

KCR government which embarked on several mega irrigational projects is facing the brunt of this act now. KCR’s Andhra Counterpart, Chandrababu Naidu brought Land Pooling to bypass the difficulities. But then KCR do not want the name of following him and so ruled out the land pooling option.

KCR government brought out its own Land Acquisition Policy wiyh GO 123. The GO paves way for acquiring land through direct purchase from farmers bypassing the difficult clauses in 2013 Land Acquisition Act but the high court intervened and struck the G.O. So, Unnecessary Ego brought big problems for KCR!