In Case of Telangana, It's up to the mercy of God and CoronaTelangana Government has relaxed around 80% of the Lockdown norms in the fourth phase and life is slowly springing to normal in Hyderabad. But then, the state may be facing Corona Danger more than any other state in the country. The state has come under the scanner for its notorious low-testing counts.

The total number of tests conducted in the state is just around 1.5% of the total of 20 Lakh tests conducted in the country. These are very bad figures for a state which claims to be the most progressive states in the country. When we consider the long claims of Chief Minister, KCR in the Press Meets, this can be pathetic, to say the least.

The crisis is neither the toothless opposition of the state nor the helpless media, the contagion can pounce on the state at any time and cause havoc. Hoping that the Government will pull up its socks at least now and do rigorous testing to trace as many cases as possible.

As per the medical bulletin released last night, Telangana had recorded 1,634 cases so far.