Telangana, Telangana Historical Pact with Maharashtra, KCR Historical Pact with Maharashtra, KCR - Fadnavis Historical Pact with MaharashtraTelangana government entered into a pact with Maharashtra government for the construction of three barrages. These three barrages will be constructed over the Godavari, Penganga, and Pranahitha. The government claims that these barrages will have a storage capacity of 18.9 TMCs of water and will help irrigate 20.5 Lakh Acres.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao and Maharashtra CM Devender Fadnavis signed the pact. KCR termed the pact as historical and also said it is first of such agreement which actually materialized without the interference of the central government. This day can be written in Golden letters in the history of Telangana as it solves the problem of drought, KCR claimed.

On the other side, the main opposition party, Congress is staging protests in various parts of the state alleging that this pact will be detrimental to the benefit of Telangana and will only do good to Maharashtra. They say KCR is doing these historical pacts for photo-op moments, keeping the people in illusion.