Telangana New Assembly, Telangana Govt New Assembly, Telangana New Assembly Erramanzil, Telangana Erramanzil Assembly, Telangana New Assembly Controversy While Andhra Pradesh government is in the process of constructing new government buildings as a part of their new capital, Telangana government is doing the same for replacement. We are said that Telangana government is planning to construct new buildings for the state assembly and council in Erramanzil.

The new buildings will come up in Erramanzil where Jala Soudha and R&B offices are existing. There is also some vacant space there. If all these are acquired, the government will get 10 acres of land in which the Assembly and Council buildings will be constructed with state of the art facilities.

The R&B New Building in the complex will be taken under Assembly control as well. These new buildings will also have the highest level of security. The proposal is good but will give rise to the question – Why is government resorting to this unnecessary expenditure now?