octl company moved to apOil Country Tubular Limited (OCTL), manufacturer of the drilling pipes used in oil and gas exploration is contemplating to shift its base manufacturing plant from Nalgonda district, Telangana to Andhra Pradesh owing to labour disputes. The company has run in to issues with the labour for the last few months. The company alleges that the Government machinery including the chief minister is aware of the situation but their sympathies are of no help in solving the dispute.

It is alleged that the factory workers of the company at Narketpally went on a strike “illegally in concerted manner” without any notice or reasonable cause affecting the production and operations of the company and so the management is eyeing to shift their base to Visakhapatnam or Krishnapatnam or Kakinada very soon.

And they want to start the operations from the new location to begin within 6-9 months time. The company’s total income last year was Rs 358 crore and major portion of its business comes from exports.