KCR-Telangana-Srisailam-DamThe ongoing tussle between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regarding the power generation in Srisailam Left Canal seem to be solving now. It is known that AP argued to maintain the 854 feet water level so as to preserve water for drinking purposes for the upcoming Summer but Telangana firmly stated that it will use water for power generation up to 834 feet. The new state did not relent even up on the instruction of Krishna River Management Board.

But all of sudden there seem to be a change in the state’s stance. The state is reverse pumping the water used for power generation back in to the reservoir for the last three days, so as to maintain the water level in the reservoir at 854 feet. Earlier Telangana government rejected such proposal by AP government as it would need 10 to 20 per cent more power than can be produced with the same quantity of water for reverse pumping.

It is said that the power issue of Telangana is temporarily settled as the power demand in the state decreases considerably due to cold Winter weather.