Cyber Towers -HyderabadTelangana Government is pressuring the IT companies to bring back their employees to work so as to kickstart the economy. The techies are however reluctant to come to the offices due to various reasons and also due to the apprehensions of a third wave.

So the companies are caught between the government and the employees finding it tough to decide. Meanwhile, Telangana Principal Secretary of the IT Department, Jayesh Ranjan has expressed the displeasure over the employees’ attitude.

At an event, Jayesh Ranjan said that employees who expressed reservations about resuming work from IT offices are insensitive to misery of others. He said that the livelihoods of taxi drivers, catering, security personnel, and all other service providers are dependent on the functioning of offices.

On the other hand, the reservations expressed by the IT employees to work from office include difficulty to work from office when their kids are not attending schools and are at home, concerns about COVID. Some of them have shifted to their native place and working from there.