telangana-government-keep-a tab-on unnecessary-expendituresTelangana government had decided to set up an independent body to oversee public expenditure and evaluate how much of a bang for the buck the state is delivering to its people. The government is planning to bring The Evaluation Authority of the State of Telangana (EAST) which will eradicate unnecessary expenditures.

EAST works on the list of Comptroller and Auditor General of India and keep an eye on how well the state is spending its funds and it will become operational this financial year. This is the first ever such body setup in any state in the country. Telangana government conducted internal audits several times last year.

The government managed to prevent leaks in loan waiver scheme and save several 100s of Crores for the state exchequer. Going forward, basing on the recommendations of EAST, the government will also redirect money away from less productive schemes towards investments that will result in lasting benefits for the people.