Telangana formation day draws flak!

Be it a coincidence or not, But the appointed day announced for Telangana state also became controversial. The Union Home Ministry had announced that June 2nd will be the Telangana formation day and the new state will come in to existing from then. Interestingly, June 2nd is the Republic day of Italy and this coincidence had brought its share of controversies. The elections in both states would have been postponed if the appointed date is before May 31st. But now both the regions will go to elections according to current AP structure.

An unnamed person from Seema Andhra says “Andhra Pradesh is unconstitutionally divided by an Italy lady (Sonia Gandhi). Congress now made sure the formation day coincide with Italy Republic day to make sure the wounds opened every year on the same day”. Where as Telangana people say “It is just magnifying things unnecessarily. Leave it as a mere coincidence”.