KCR Telangana state revenues 2016Telangana government is mulling the option of getting more income in the next financial year. The state government is contemplating the idea of increasing the land market value so as to meet the targeted 4292 Crore income from Registrations department. The state government tried to increase the land market value twice in the last year but postponed it in the last minute.

The state has amassed about 3000 Crore in 2015-16 through registrations and is targeting a whopping 4292 Crore in the next financial year. The officials have clarified that the 41% increase is possible only through land market value increase. The Chief Minister will have to take final decision on this.

However Finance department says that they have revised the target as the land sales in the state have improved in the last year. Andhra Pradesh already increased the land market values last year and most probably, Telangana government is also taking the same route.